2 Months – 6 Months

Well done, your have reached a very important milestone. You and your baby’s health will have benefited enormously from your success so far. From now on things will become easier and all your hard work in the early weeks will start to pay dividends.

  1. Feeds may become much shorter, if you have a good milk supply and the milk flows freely.
  2. Feeds may be less frequent, though a night feed often does continue.
  3. Dirty nappies may reduce to 1 every 3-6 days. This is not constipation, when they are passed they are copious and soft.
  4. It is normal for breasts to feel softer and smaller after several weeks of successful breastfeeding. This does not mean that the milk has disappeared but that your supply closely matches the needs of the baby.
  5. Now is the time to consider expressing your milk so others can also share the task of feeding baby.
  6. Gently move towards establishing routines, whereby baby’s needs are met but mum has time and space for herself and others. Involve family and close friends where you can. Babies thrive on one to one interaction with all loving responsive adults.
  7. Developmental needs:
    • Babies start to enjoy oral stimuli other than the breast, ensure they have appropriate objects/toys for mouthing.
    • They appreciate comfort and soothing other than simply being feed. Rocking, stroking, massaging, being walked about in a sling, listening to relaxing music etc can all be effective.
    • As they become more interested in what is going on around them, they may become easily distracted while feeding.
    • Babies have a real need for face to face social interaction, so talk to baby.
  8. Unless you are committed to ‘natural parenting’, once baby has developed the skills to self-comfort, encourage her/him to learn to fall asleep happily on their own without your intervention.
  9. Their appetite will increases as growth increases. Demand and supply and continues. Every now and then baby will become more demanding for feeds but relax, increase the feeds for a few days and baby will quickly become content again. Rapid growth can be expected in this period.
  10. Don’t worry too much about your eating. You should have a very healthy appetite so ensure you eat healthy food, snacks and drinks whenever you are hungry or thirsty. As long as you don’t overeat to compensate, this is the time when breastfeeding women shed the additional weight they may have gained in pregnancy.
  11. Breastmilk is all that is needed till 6 months. After that you can consider starting solid foods.
  12. Exclusively breastfed babies’ growth differs from standard growth charts. It is now known that most breastfed babies gain weight more quickly during these months and then their growth slows down, their weight being significantly lighter at one year.
  13. First teeth may appear during this period, this should cause no significant problems and feeding can continue. Come and talk to other mums at our monthly gathering about how they managed.

References: Sue Saunders – Lactation Consultant

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