Breastfeeding Tips

Breastfeeding is natural but it is not instinctive – both mums and babies need to learn how and when to feed well.

Before a Breastfeed:

For your comfort:

  • You should sit or lie comfortably with your back supported and your knees bent.
  • If sitting, your lap should not be flat and a footsool is useful.

For your baby’s comfort:

  • Your baby’s body should be fully supported from head to buttocks.

Your baby is:

  • Tummy to mummy
  • Chest to chest
  • Chin on breast
  • Nipple to nose
  • Then wait for the wide open mouth and quickly bring the baby to the breast, at the shoulders.
  • Baby will pivot on his chin, baby’s mouth will fold around the breast, nipple goes in last of all.
  • your baby’s nose is clear and the chin is tucked into breast.

During a breastfeed:

  • Your baby has shallow sucks then deep rhythmic sucks.
  • You will hear the gulps and see the swallows.
  • Your nipple is comfortable throughout the feed.
  • Both breasts are offered – baby will not suck on the second if he is full.

After a breastfeed:

When breastfeeding is going well for you:

  • The nipple shape is long, not flattened of door wedged and nipples are comfortable after the feed.
  • Your breasts feel soft but fuller before the next feed.
  • Your milk ‘comes in’ by day 4.
  • You are feeding your baby 6-8 times by day 3, and 8-12 times by day 4.

When breastfeeding is going well for your baby:

  • Baby has relaxed body language at the end of the feed.
  • Is active when he feeds.
  • Is fed when he ‘stirs and mouthes’, don’t wait for the cry.
  • Baby’s stool changes daily from black/sticky to yellow/mustard by day 5.
  • And wee’s change from small amounts to heavy, clear wet nappies by day 5.
  • Baby has cleared his/her jaundice (yellow skin tinge) by day 5.
  • Baby did lose some weight after birth but now is gaining by day 7-10.

If you or your baby are not happy, please ask for help. Email us at

References: Sue Saunders – Lactation Consultant

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