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Day/Date :- Saturday, 1st June 2013 (it’s a public holiday)
Venue :- DISTED College. 340, Macalister Road, 10350 Penang. ( Google linkhttp://goo.gl/maps/S6ypl )
Time:- 9:00am till 1:00pm
Facebook event ID :- https://www.facebook.com/events/425723597523518/

This is a health awareness program jointly organised by MMPS and the volunteers of United World College (UWC), Singapore ( http://www.uwc.org/ ). There will be lots of free health checks and information related to health issues.

FREE : Basic Health check,Eye check,Dental checks (for children below 12),Oral screening

INFORMATION:Breastfeeding,Solid Food for babies: When and What,Gentle Birthing,Cancer,AIDS,Organ Donation,Diabetes,Obesity,Mammogram (Free vouchers),HPV Vaccine,Foot and Hand Massage (For do…nation),

Blood Donation Drive by Gen. Hosp of Penang.

Bring along your children to participate in children’s contests

We will also be having our Jumble Sale there.

Disted College is our main supporter and we have several organisations joining us on the day, such as : National Kidney Foundation, Penang International Dental College, St. Nicholas Home, Community AIDS Service Penang, National Cancer Society of Malaysia, Penang, Lembaga Penduduk & Perancang Keluarga Negara, International Specialist Eye Center.

See you there!

MMPS World Breastfeeding Week 2012 Celebration

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Dear friends and families out there, come and learn more about breastfeeding, come and support breastfeeding and come to have fun and win prizes.



This year our event is for a whole day and we have lots of games and prizes as well sharing and learning sessions on baby massage, what to feed baby after 6 months, yoga for mom and babies and our unique MMPS event held each year without fail – One Minute Simultaneous Breastfeeding event for those who are currently breastfeeding with mothers from all over Malaysia.


Throughout the day we have a Photo Booth for parent lookalike competition and for those who just want family pictures taken. Come have fun as well as support your community.

A Mother’s Greatest Gift

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Venue: Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple, Jelutong Penang.

Day/Date: Sunday July 29th 2012

Time: 7:00pm – 8.30pm

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This was our first attempt to coordinate a breastfeeding talk at a local temple in Jelutong. The temple committee was very supportive towards MMPS effort and they planned a renovation at their premise to build a breastfeeding room making them the first temple in Malaysia to have this facility. Planning for event took about a month in terms of preparing the material and setting up the logistics.

No Detailed Agenda Time
1 Intro About MMPS & Intro about breastfeeding 10 mins
2 Ice breaking session 5 mins
3 Why is breastfeeding a mother’s greatest gift? 10 mins
4 Knowing that breast milk is good for babies, why the rate of Indian women breastfeeding is reducing? 20 mins
5 Tricks of formula milk company 10 mins
6 Experience Sharing by Selvi 5 mins
7 Hospital practice 5 mins
8 The importance of support groups 10 mins
9 Q & A 10 mins
10 Closing 10 mins


















We begun the registration at about 6:45pm and the program started at 7:30pm. Introduction was done by Vasumathi Subramaniam providing the background about MMPS and the insights into breastfeeding. Jeya Aravin then continued with details of breastmilk content and its advantages. Vasu then switched topic to touch on the risk of giving formula milk to new born infants.

Selvi Odian shared her personal experience which was very inspirational. Many participants get to see her active 2 year old running around during her sharing session. The importance of mother support group was also sharing among the participants. Finally the temple committee was thanked for their effort in building a breastfeeding room within it’s’ premise. A total of 29 people signed the “Breastfeeding Room” support form.

The event concluded at 9:00pm with light refreshment that was prepared by the temple committee.

Hand Expression Class – July 7, 2012

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It was a great sharing today. Many mothers have learnt the correct way of hand expression. We even have real life demo showing how to hand express breast milk.

MMPS July Gathering – Hand Expression

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Breastpump malfunction?
Forgot to bring breastpump?
No electricity?
Can’t find a socket?
No battery?
Manual pump not working?
My breastpump bag is too bulky!!!
After pumping need to wash so many things!


You’ll never know when your breastpump fails you. Come learn the technique of Hand Expression. You’ll know how easy it is, and how convenient it can be.


Date: 7 July 2012 (Saturday)
Time: 3pm-4pm
Venue: Koala Kids Enrichment Centre at YMCA (first floor)
Fee: FOC
Pre-registration is required. SMS your name, email address, and no.of pax coming to 016-5533782.




July 2 – Mummy & Baby Fair @ OSRAM

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June 1-3 – Baby & Junior Fair @ D’Piazza Mall

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Breastfeeding Class 27th May 2012

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More photos available at MMPS Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=oa.10150826478942167&type=1


There were 49 participants with 10 babies and older kids, and 10 volunteers with their children. The participants included couples who were first time pregnant and some on their second pregnancy, there was also a grandmother there to support her daughter and grandchild. Most participants were pre-registered and some were walk in participants. The group included Chinese, Indian and Malay families.


Registration began at 1:30pm, and a Mother-to-Mother-Peer-Support (MMPS) bag sponsored by Everlite Eco Co. were given with handouts that covered each session and participants signed Make Penang Breastfeeding Friendly Signature Bookmarks. The children were engaged in making a baby-mobile by Ms. Deborah Lee the Chairperson of MMPS and assistant at Koala Kids Enrichment Center.


The class commenced at 2:00pm with introduction to MMPS. The main speaker was Dr. Balkees Abdul Majeed, paediatrician, lactation consultant and guide to MMPS. The four hours sessions were a combination of theory, interactivity and experience sharing to involve the audience in learning about Breastfeeding. MMPS mothers Ms. Connie Mooi, Ms. Vasumathi Muthuramu and Ms. Sabrina Sunderraj facilitated the sessions.


The topics were: Advantages of Breastfeeding for Baby, Mother and Family, Risks of not Breastfeeding, Myths and Misconceptions on Breastfeeding, What to expect in the First few Weeks, Key principles in Breastfeeding, Managing Work and Breastfeeding, Complementary feeding and how a Husband and Family can support the Mother and Baby. The demonstrations on how to hold baby were enjoyed by parents-to be and some of the mothers were surprised at how easily MMPS mothers breastfed their babies while conducting the class without showing any skin.


The experience sharing sessions were much appreciated as these experiences helped participants know that it is do-able and not difficult as long as the husband and family supported the mother and the baby. They also learnt that it is important to seek work-place support, talking to the employer before baby is born and learning about storing milk during work and travel and hand expression were some aspects that Ms Sarojini a teacher and Ms. Inn Ching who works at Dell shared. Ms. Sarojini’s husband Mr. Veloo a football coach became emotional and stated that he had waited for his baby for 14 years so he did not hesitate about what milk his son should get i.e. The Best. Mr. Tony Tan shared that hugging baby as often as possible, as well as hugging and appreciating the wife for breastfeeding the baby is important. He also shared that he sleeps well as compared to his colleagues whose babies are bottle-fed with formula because he does not have to wake up at night to sterilize bottles and mix formula for baby.


The pre-assessment and post-assessment forms showed that participants had indeed gained better knowledge and information about Breastfeeding. From many I-don’t- knows and wrong knowledge, participants had shown improved understanding and knowledge of issues such as knowing that the more one directly breastfeeds baby the more milk a mother produces and that it is not normal for breastfeeding to hurt, a mother needs help if she is having pain. That having support is very important to have a smooth and successful breastfeedingjourney.


The feedback was mostly positive about the class being very informative and useful. Some felt that it was not enough to have half day and others felt there was so much information within 4 hours. There was request for more practical learning sessions. On the whole quite a few shared that they would recommend this class to others.


But most said the venue was hot and difficult for mothers and babies. Some liked the food especially bananas and apples for the kids and some said refreshment was ok.


For MMPS this was the first time we held a Breastfeeding Class, we have learnt much from holding this event. We also know that we are unique in holding thisclass freely for pregnant mothers and we believe this is how it ought to be, after all mother’s milk is a free gift of nature. We are very appreciative of YB Lydia Ong Kok Fooi for supporting this project and understanding that we do this voluntarily.


Thank You




Breastfeeding Class

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Press Conference on 23rd May, 2:30pm, KOMTAR

Left-right: Connie Mooi from MMPS, YB Ong Kok Fooi (the Exco Member for State Youth, Sports, Women, Family and Community Development), Vasumathi Muthuramu from MMPS, Sabrina from MMPS, and breastfed/breastfeeding kids. ^^

I don’t have enough milk! HOW?

How to increase milk supply?

How to breastfeed successfully?

How do I know if my baby is getting enough breast milk?

How can husband helps?

Worry no more!!! MMPS is organizing a Breastfeeding Class for free. Come learn all about breastfeeding before your baby is born.

Weare who we are because of your presence and your support for mothers and their babies, thank you for making Mother-to-Mother-Peer-Support meaningful.

To improve our knowledge and ability to support other breastfeeding mothers and also ourselves whether it’s our first or second or even third baby, MMPS under the project Make Penang Breastfeeding Friendly is holding a Breastfeeding Class on 27th May, Sunday, at Pusat Informasi Taman Perbandaran (Youth Park). Registration with goody bags starts at 1:30pm, Class starts at 2:00pm until 6:00pm, have an early lunch and please join us on time.

There will be vegetarian refreshments and fruits, but do bring anything that you, your child or children may prefer. We also encourage you to bring your own cups, plates and cutlery for the refreshments; this is our effort to reduce wastage (Cleaner, Greener Penang). We will also provide plates and cups.


Also, if you have any doll, do bring it to the class as we have a hands-on demonstration section to teach you what are the positions to breastfeed your new born baby.

For your comfort do bring a pillow, bean bag or anything that helps you to sit comfortably while learning about Breastfeeding. There will be chairs and mats provided.

For the children, there will be a Children’s Crafts Corner, and some toys for the kids to play. We have a craft teacher and volunteers. But, if there is anything specific that your baby and children need do bring it along.

We hope to make this class uniquely created for families as well as make it a meaningful and wonderful learning experience.

We look forward to your participation.

Direction to Pusat Informasi Pusat Perbandaran:

Turn into Persiaran Kuari (one-way road) from Jalan Utama (the main road).

Along Persiaran Kuari, you’ll reach this sign board (before you reach Youth Park). Go left and up hill, you’ll see…

This is Pusat Informasi Taman Perbandaran (Youth Park)

Wellness & Beauty Fair @ KDU – May 12-13, 2012.

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