About Us

The core group is made up of mothers who have or still are breastfeeding their children. We all like breastfeeding and understood some of it’s advantages. 10 mothers were encouraged, by Dr. Balkees, to complete a three day training course hosted by WABA; giving us technical facts and practical demonstrations on breastfeeding and taught us listening and questioning asking skills. That was late Nov. beginning of Dec. 2007. 8 of those mothers went on with the idea of a support group.

The main OBJECTIVES of MMPS are:
1) Increase  public’s awareness of the advantages of breastfeeding through all possible channels and media.
2) Provide accurate information about breastfeeding to expectant parents and breastfeeding moms by having monthly group discussion.

3) Extensive support on various techniques and medical proffesional assistance from our Medical personnel.

4) Offer counseling and support to individual mothers who are breastfeeding or planning to breastfeed their babies through various methods e.g. emails, telephone and visitation.

The group meets the 1st Saturday of every month, 3pm to 4pm, at YMCA Penang. It’s a chance to meet other mothers. We especially encourage mums-to-be to come along so as to join our support system ahead of time and learn more about breastfeeding.

Within our core mothers we have a doctor, she is a lactation consultant: Dr. Balkees of Pantai Hospital Penang. With this bank of medical knowledge plus our mothers experiences we hope we can answer most questions and eleviate any concerns regarding breastfeeding.

We also have a Facebook page (MMPS) on the internet. Friends/members can ask questions, share experiences or check the latest news. At the moment there are 621 members on Facebook, which we are thrilled about.

The core mothers also give support and advice over the phone to new mothers and have done a number of home and hospital visits to help with positioning and latching issues. We have also visited some confinement centres where mothers felt they were not getting as much help and support from the centres as was needed.

The group is here to help on a mother-to-mother basis, email us at pgmmps@gmail.com or attend one of our monthly gathering at YMCA Penang.

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