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Another great gathering. 2 expecting mothers came. Mommy Yati told us that she failed to breastfeed her first baby. Now with the second baby, she is determined to breastfeed. Another mommy is expecting a twin, a baby boy and a baby girl. How lucky. Both expecting mommies have learnt the 4 golden rules to successfully breastfeeding their babies.

A mother came with the question on what to do with her excessive EBM and later found out that she can make some breast milk soap!!! Happy she was.

Another mother came and shared that she still not used to nursing in public, even with nursing bra and nursing top. We showed her how to nurse in public by just using normal bra and clothes. 🙂

We are happy that there were few mothers who came and shared their breastfeeding experience with the expecting parents. This has certainly made this gathering a fruitful one. Thank you mothers.

For those who have missed this month gathering, do join us next month. =)

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