MPBF Feb 26 Breastfeeding Flashmob @ QB

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Breastfeeding Flashmob @ QB

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MMPS Feb Gathering

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New mothers have learnt more about breastfeeding, and the kids have had a blast. Join us  again next month. 🙂

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Breastfeeding Success Story : Determination kept me going strong ..

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My baby was born premature at week 35 and lucky his weight was at 2.8kg. He was keep under observation for irregular heartbeat. Dr do not allow breastfeed. After returning to the ward, I called and asked the nurse if I can breastfeed the baby.


The nurse told me “Sorry madam, under Pd’s advise you cannot breastfeed your baby till his heartbeat is stable.” He need to be tube-fed.


I panic … coz if there is no demand, there will be no supply.

It was off working hours and the nurse asked me to wait till tomorrow morning for the Dr advise.

I was not satisfied with the explanations but couldn’t do much …


I escalated my case to the lead nurse the very same evening and they send a lactation nurse to calm me down who also help me to massage..

Colostrums already arrived.. she assisted me to massage and we use a syringe to collect all the precious milk to be spoon fed to baby.

I continue using syringe to collect droplets of milk for the first 36 hours every 2 hourly before I can finally breastfeed him.

All the efforts are not wasted..  The first few droplets of 2ml has slowly increase and I successfully breastfeed him exclusively thru direct latch on.


Time flies and I am due to return to work. He refuses bottles and I was devastated.. wouldn’t it be nice if I can continue letting him latching on. Is a struggle to bottle feed him..

When the times come, things just pull together… probably without mummy’s smell, he knew he need to get it from bottles.


It was fortunate that we have mother’s room in the office and an understanding boss. The first few days back in office was hectic, I was expressing every 2-3 hours to ensure maintaining the volume.


I am persistence to keep the volume and slowly adjusted to expressing 3 times a day in the office. There are bound to be challenges everywhere especially when we have back to back meeting, it just feel like the boobs can explode any time. I try to stick to my 3x routine as much as possible.


Now he is almost 8 month and is fully complimented with BM. Definitely looking forward to BF him for as long as possible.


From : Mei Leng, Malaysia

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Breastfeeding Success Story : My children, my love, my life!

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My breast feeding journey began even before my child was born. I did a lot of research about the benefits of breast milk than and listened to many success stories. And I prayed a powerful prayer. I told God to provide me with ‘overflowing supply of breastmilk’ !  That was the theoretical part…easy.


I was emotionally and physically prepared for the breastfeeding journey for both my child. My first born, Sonia, I breastfed her for 6 months. My second child, Zach, was born in February 2009, and I am still breastfeeding him. He is turning 3 years in two months time. I consider this a success story.


Like many mothers, I endured through many sleepless nights, endless days of engorgement, interrupted sleep as I have to express my milk and to breastfeed – every 2 hourly just to keep the milk flowing (12 am, 2am,4 am,6 am etc – woken up by engorgement ) , sore nipples, stiff back due to bad positioning, not enough sleep during the day and last but not least, the ‘unappreciative’ comments that made by others. I was mobbed and being called a moo-moo cow, and laughed at for having Cup Size D but I reminded myself to be proud of that – and focused only on giving the best milk to my baby.


Fortunate for me, I stayed in Jiayi Confinement home after childbirth for both my child. The centre provided me the support, advise and even equipments (Spectra dual pump by Baby Paradise) that complemented my decision in breastfeeding. And at the same time, I learn and get support from other new mothers there.  That made the entire journey a smooth and exciting one – especially for a new mother; knowing that I was not alone.


During that one month stay, I was given the peace of mind to only breastfeed my child and expressing milk on time (every 2 hourly) I stored my breast milk in freezer; enough for the next 2 weeks supply. Another issue that came up was insufficient freezer ! So there I was, ‘loaned’ my friends and relatives’  freezers!  On my second child, my supply of breastmilk was so overwhelming that I was also feeding 6 other babies at the same time.


Knowing that I will be back to work in 2 weeks time after that, I begin a regime to feed and express milk in the morning , and express at lunch, and direct feeding in the evening.


The positioning that we choose is also important. With Sonia, I breastfeed her mainly by expressed milk – and this lasted only for 6 months. However, with Zach, I adopted the lie-down position, this made the entire breastfeeding no-sweat as I can still ‘sleep’ while breastfeeding. I have also invented my own clothes to wear for discreet and friendly breastfeed ( tube and spaghetti dresses) .


The amazing part is that, I lost 20kg within 1-2 months after childbirth. I saved on the milk powder consumption. My babies get a better immunization through my breast-milk and I feel so complete that I am able to give the best milk to my babies at their early stage.


From : Fiona Liew, Malaysia

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