I love breastfeed, especially when I direct feed my baby.   I feel very happy and lucky that I been introduced to breastfeeding during when was pregnant my first baby.   Firstly it was my doctor who suggested me to read more information on breastfeeding.   He mentioned nowadays a lot of working woman not really anticipant to breastfeed their kids due to tedious job and found it was very time consuming to do it too.   I also would like to thank my friends for introduce breastfeed information and sharing on her experience to breastfeed exclusively for both of her kids.


Before I delivered, I told my husband that I want to breastfeed my baby. He is very supportive and agreed with my thought!   First delivery end up with c-sec  nearly turn off me to breastfeed my baby girl – Kyelyn, as I thought I surely unable to feed my girl due to the pain from the wound.  My baby girl was feed with formula for few days at hospital as I found I didn’t have milk even let her suck for few days.


After discharged, I try to feed my baby girl. She keep on crying as she do not find the correct way on how to suck my nipple, end up my Mother in law feeding her with formula as she cannot afford to see her grandchild suffering from hunger.  I start to feel very stressful but I told my husband that I must keep on trying to let my baby girl latch on.  With strong determination, my baby girl able to latch on after 4 days I keep on direct feed her and thank god that I can just stop feeding her with formula.


I didn’t purchase any breast milk and my breast start to get blocked after my milk flow is coming.  I got to use hot towel and hand to express but I totally do not know the correct way to do it. End up I only able to express 1oz of milk.  I quickly called my husband to get a pump for me. After 1 week I delivery, I start to express and feeding my baby girl exclusively. Whenever she sleep longer time, I will quickly pump out all the milk and stored.  I told myself no matter what I must fully breastfeed my baby girl at least 1 year.  I managed to store up to 40 bottles of EBM when I back to work at office.


My Mother in law at first keep on asking me why I insisted to breastfeed my baby whereby formula is convenience and also full of nutrient for baby,  I then showing her all the facts from breastfeeding book.  She also mentioned that she heard that only giving breast milk is not sufficient for baby and suggest to top up with some formula.   Luckily my husband and I insisted to fully breastfeed and we proving that we will able to do it no matter what.  End up my Mother In law agreed and she become a breastfeed supporter as well after seeing the changes and development from my baby girl.  She even ask me do to live breastfeeding demo to my Sister In law and cousin sister when they come visit me during confinement.


I manage to feed my baby girl for 14 months till my girl ok to wean it by herself.  I told myself that if I got a second child, I definitely want to feed longer period.  Throughout the feeding process,  I feel the happiest moment is the bonding whenever I direct feed my girl, it is the precious moment holding them and you feel you are very close with them.  I did drink Milk Tea and Fenugreek to increase my milk whenever I found my supply is dropping.  Thankful that my working place have a lot of breastfeed mother and we always having information exchange and sharing on breastfeeding and baby topics. Even I need to travel 120KM daily to work, I enjoy breastfeed and taking care my baby girl all by myself at night as I will wake up to feed my baby girl at night whenever she need it.


Now I having my second baby –baby boy – Kyson, this round I carry the breastfeeding well as I learn and improved from my first experience. My boy latch me easily before I was discharged and addicted to direct feed till my Mother in law having hard time to feed him when I was away to work.   Before I go to work, I will feed my son and first thing I reach home, I will feed him too.  I never bottled feed my two babies before, all the way I only perform direct feed.  This round I produce more milk compared with first baby, I expressed it and give EBM to my girl whom already 2 years plus. She still enjoying drinking it very much.  This round I even got to purchase a separate freezer just to store up my 160 bottles when I back to work.  I am more than happy and proud that I can still provide EBM to my girl as I feel guilty that I didn’t feed her longer period.


I also happy to motivate and share all my experience with all the expected mother who having interest and want to breastfeed.  I offer them to call me 24/7 if they facing any issue or need any help or motivation in order to continue their breastfeed journey.  I always told my friend that Human milk for Human baby, and my principle is must try the very best to breastfeed my baby at least 1 year.  My son is 10 months now, I wish I can go for at least 2 years this round.    By seeing the baby healthy life, smarter development,  no matter how tired I am even travelling 120km per day didn’t stop me for continue breastfeed my kids!  Please not give yourself any excuses that breastfeed is time consuming, tiring and suffering. Once you having strong determination, you will find it is a happy, precious memorable bonding moment and best gift that you had provided to your baby..


From : Agnes Loh Hooi Hwa, Malaysia

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