I was upset for the 1st baby because I am not success in breast feeding. My 1st son, Aqeel Ryan got jaundice that time and without enough knowledge about breast feeding also support from others especially my hubby, finally I gave him formula milk which I think the expensive milk is the best milk. Oh god! how can I think like that on that time!!! For the 2nd baby, Awra Zulaikha I was set my mind to breastfeed my baby in whatever conditions and situations. I was breast feeding my baby when she in week 2 after delivered. This is because my milk flow was slow and my baby still in learning to got my breast. Otherwise I only pump my breast & gave her using bottle feeding in 2 weeks. Since I was set my mind when I know I was pregnant I want to breast feed my baby. I read all about breast feed and all the knowledge I applied to my baby.

When I in confinement, my mother in law was taking care of us. She always told me when I come back to work please top up milk with formula milk. The reason because my milk will not enough to my baby. Again and again I set my mind my milk will enough and I ignore what she say to me. I keep on pumping even though my milk only got 1oz to 2 oz only. I always read all the website about breast feeding and when I got problems I will always refer to peer counselor in susuibu.com. Private message to PC almost every time I got confusing and problems every thing about EBM and BF.

I had upset with my milk on that time when I was pumping I only got 2oz for side by side. I have ignore the negative thinking because I will stress so when the first day I came to work, I was pumping on the way to my office in the morning and amazing happened to me I think the first time in my life I got 4oz. Wow!!! I am very happy and now I believe that my milk is enough to my baby. Now, my daughter turns 5 months old on 10th Aug 2011. I have exclusively breast feed her until now and will continue until she 2 years old. Even though I am only the one arrange everything about EBM & others but I always happy. I was join support group meeting in JB, I join all about BF events when I have time. Hopefully one day I will become peer counselor to help all mothers outside there in breast feeding.

Love & happy breast feeding!

From : Asmahliza Kamarolzaman, Malaysia

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