Breastfeeding Success Story – Erica Sen

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In my BF journey I didn’t face much difficulties as before delivering my baby I already had a mind set to BF and also my friend Connie did gave many useful information on it, but as can encourage more mummies to BF, here I share my story.

When I decided to BF my baby, during my pregnancy journey started from 4 mths+, I did massage my breast when I took shower, to have a better and faster milk stimulation after giving birth, and it really worked as my brast started engorged around day 4.

The only difficulty I faced was milk rash, as my skin very sensitive to the rash problem, my breast full of milk rash on the third month, and I try to bottle feed my baby using formula/my milk but she didn’t want and kept crying until I put back nipple to her mouth, then she stopped crying and started sucking again. So what I did was cover one side breast with medicine and only BF another side which is clean from medicine, when one side was not enough then took shower again to change back to another one.

This method is very useful as the milk rash gone around 2 weeks time and after that each time after breastfeeding, I will wipe with wet towel and put baby liner on my breast then only the pad. So the rash problem was fixed and now my baby is 5 mths plus and I still keep on the BF.

During my BF journey what I found was if I have drank something which contained ‘malt’ like Holick, my milk engorgement will slow down and mummy can drink some full cream milk/fresh milk as this indeed really help on faster milk engorgement.

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July Gathering

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Dear MMPS members,

In celebrating World Breastfeeding Week 2011, MMPS will be joining WABA in a FlashMob dance routine. To learn more on how to take part in the FlashMob and spread the message of Breastfeeding come to:

Venue: Koala Kids Enrichment Centre
Suite 2.15 YMCA Penang 211 Jln Macalister 10450 Penang
(YMCA’s First floor)
Date: 2/7/2011
Time: 3pm-4:30pm

Open to all ages – fathers, mothers, grandfathers, grandmothers, children, teenagers, just about everyone.


Breastfeeding Success Story – Caroline Ho



I came to know about MMPS through a few breastfeeding friends and attended one of their monthly meetings when I was pregnant. Debz sent me some reading materials which were very useful. She gave me her personal contact number and I am glad that I saved it in my hp because 2nd day after delivery, I was crying in the hospital and I called Debz for help. My baby was constantly crying and she was at my breast every 1 to 2 hours. My baby was hungry and I couldn’t satisfy her hunger. Debz encouraged me and told me that many mothers had gone through what I was going through and suggested me to check baby’s latching on. That was the beginning of my breastfeeding journey. Debz would check on me via sms the following few weeks.

Frequent feeding up to every hour, prolonged feeding session as long as 1-2 hours, extremely sleep deprived, bombarded by relatives’ comments of not having enough milk for my baby etc etc – the first month of breastfeeding was extremely challenging. With a lot of tears and pain, I thank God I made it through with the support of my husband. When my baby turned 1- month, I tried to express milk and realized I could hardly get 1 oz out. I got connected to Shida from Moms Little Ones. Shida spent a whole afternoon with me. She checked my pump to make sure it was functioning well. She evaluated my situation and told me that it was due to stress and explained to me the biological process of let down. She taught me about hand express and milk storage. I went home feeling relieved knowing that the problem wasn’t that I didn’t have enough milk, but I need to manage my stress.

Two weeks later I was still getting 1-2oz of milk when I tried to express. I was still tired and stressed up from caring for a newborn. I was getting panicky because I was starting work in another 2 weeks and had to store up milk for my baby when I return to work and she goes to the babysitter. Friends suggested that I change from a single pump to a double. I found out about Baby Paradise online and realized that it was near where I stay. I called up Su Li and made an appointment to meet her with the intention to get a double pump. After listening to me, Su Li did not immediately propose any product for me to purchase. Instead, she encouraged me and advised me on what I could do. I met up with her again in few days’ time and told her I made no progress. I was still stressed up and still not getting much expressed milk. I was constantly worried about my milk supply to the point I could not rest well and could not enjoy my baby. I told Su Li that my husband and I were contemplating to supplement with formula. After evaluating my situation, Su Li told me that it was okay to supplement with formula and that I should not feel guilty about it. She shared with me about another mother who started off with supplementing with formula but continued to work on her milk supply and eventually she was able to build up her milk supply and depended less on formula. She also told me that mix breast milk with formula is better than no breast milk at all.

I felt comforted and relieved hearing this advice from Su Li. I finally bought a box of formula powder and passed it to my babysitter. I told her to give formula whenever the breast milk I pass to her daily is insufficient. From that moment on, I felt relieved not needing to worry about my milk supply and surprisingly, my let down improved. I was getting a faster and longer let down during each pumping sessions and yielding more breast milk. Eventually I was able to express enough milk for my baby. I then wanted to get a double pump to reduce pumping time at work. I went to Su Li again and she patiently tested out the pumps with me and I even loaned 2 units back to try out at home. I finally purchased a double pump from her which I have been using for a month now and I’m very happy and satisfied with it.

My baby Abigail is now 3 months old and she is exclusively on breast milk. The formula milk that we bought is untouched now. I am able to supply sufficient expressed breast milk while Abigail is at the babysitter. I also direct feed her before and after work. My milk stash in my freezer is growing each day to the point where I am running out of storage space which is actually a good problem. Each day I thank God for each drop of breast milk for my baby girl. I can now confidently and proudly say that I can exclusively breastfeed my baby.

In times of desperation, I went all over seeking for help. I truly thank God for placing angels (lactation consultants like Debz, Shida and Su Li) along my path that kept me going in breastfeeding. You ladies are doing a fantastic job supporting breastfeeding mothers. Thank you so much for everything. Please do keep it up. God bless all of you.


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