I am still breastfeeding my son Jaydern, 22 months old. I had a Caesarean and was only able to start breastfeeding him on the 5th day. He accepted it well but unfortunately the supply did not seem to be enough for him and so I supplemented with formula feeding at each session. But my son had colic due to the mixture of breast milk and formula.

It was after the second month and when I was back at work that I became determined to fully nurse my son, partly to reduce the colic and also to give the best protection for my son.

I found time to express at least every 3 hours and managed to get my milk supply flowing at 3 months. That is when I started to fully breastfeed him without any formula and have done so since. With continued pumping and direct breastfeeding when I am at home, I have what he needs and I manage to keep a month’s stock of my milk in the refrigerator.

My diet is balanced with milk, fish and vegetables, but not forgetting some chocolates too! I took oats, shark fish and fenugreek to boost my supply. To my surprise I did not put on any extra weight after my delivery and I maintain my weight through expressing the extra calories as breast milk for my son.

A few times I had a fever due to engorgement. This happens when I fail to drain my breast or have skipped a few sessions of expressing. The pain was bad, but I managed to soften my breasts with hot towel massage.

Other than this, I feel very comfortable feeding my son directly as it is easy and my milk is available and always at the right temperature. Furthermore, it is very convenient especially when I am travelling with my baby.

From : Jennifer Anthony, Malaysia

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