I’m tandem nursing 2 of my kids now. My elder son is 3 years 8 months & my daughter is 13 months.

Looking back for my successful story, nothing much special. Just 1 thing that I’m always keep in my mind- I must breastfeed them as long as I can & let them self weaning because this is the NATURAL WAY. Anyway, I have to admit that other than being insist to do it, we really need lots of support so that we don’t feel alone. I am glad that I’d meet Su Li & Ding Ding in a talk when I was pregnant with my 1st baby. Then I joined MMPS & became 1 of the core mothers. From the monthly meeting, I got all the positive supports & encouragements, met lots of mummies with the same interest. Through sharing, I’d breastfeeding successfully. I kept on breastfeeding but sad to say that due to family & work load, I have to step down as a core mother & didn’t join the monthly meeting for years. 😦 Anyway, I did promote breastfeeding by encouraging & giving support to friends & referring them to MMPS.

For my 2nd baby, I met another problem (actually for me, it wasn’t a problem. It was for people around me)- I was still breastfeeding my son. Although I had no time to join MMPS gathering, I’d never feel alone coz I’m sure that if I have any problem, I’ll have lactation consultants, counselors & other experience mummies to help me.

Just would like to share my experience in tandem nursing. Overall, it’s wonderful. For the 1st few weeks, 3 of us need time to get used to each other. So, it was a bit struggling. Other than that, I am glad that I’m tandem nursing them. It was my son who help me when I had engorgement. Believe me, he is much better than other methods. The bonding between us are priceless. They are sharing all the time. Now, they manage to get their own position. No worries at all in low supply coz remember, supply = to demand. With 2 stimulants, we should worry about over supply. Lol Forgive me that I couldn’t attach a photo of tandem nursing coz I don’t have any. It’s a bit ungraceful with our weird positioning. 🙂

I wish that I’ll manage to reactive in MMPS one day. Can’t wait for the day to come. Anyway, for the time being, if there is anyone need support in tandem nursing, don’t be shy to contact me… Happy World Breastfeeding Week!

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