In my BF journey I didn’t face much difficulties as before delivering my baby I already had a mind set to BF and also my friend Connie did gave many useful information on it, but as can encourage more mummies to BF, here I share my story.

When I decided to BF my baby, during my pregnancy journey started from 4 mths+, I did massage my breast when I took shower, to have a better and faster milk stimulation after giving birth, and it really worked as my brast started engorged around day 4.

The only difficulty I faced was milk rash, as my skin very sensitive to the rash problem, my breast full of milk rash on the third month, and I try to bottle feed my baby using formula/my milk but she didn’t want and kept crying until I put back nipple to her mouth, then she stopped crying and started sucking again. So what I did was cover one side breast with medicine and only BF another side which is clean from medicine, when one side was not enough then took shower again to change back to another one.

This method is very useful as the milk rash gone around 2 weeks time and after that each time after breastfeeding, I will wipe with wet towel and put baby liner on my breast then only the pad. So the rash problem was fixed and now my baby is 5 mths plus and I still keep on the BF.

During my BF journey what I found was if I have drank something which contained ‘malt’ like Holick, my milk engorgement will slow down and mummy can drink some full cream milk/fresh milk as this indeed really help on faster milk engorgement.

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