Ok, I am a career mother of 3 and is full breastfeed for my 3rd 5 months old baby.

I did not fed my 1st baby when she was borne in 12 years ago as there was no information or guidance provided in the hospital nor the society awareness compare to current status

For the 2nd baby, I am just half breastfed as I am failed the job in the first 3 days during in government hospital. I am too depend on the training nurse that fed my baby the formulae milk which can help my baby to have a longer sleep thus I can at least had some nap. Due to less stimulate during that time, my milk flow is not good and each time of pumping session, I am only able to get 2-3 oz and able to support 3 out of 8 meals for her and I am always have in mind that I don’t have enough milk and formulae milk can help to full the baby stomach and sleep longer during night time. Thus half failure in second baby but I am still went it for nearly 11 months breast milk to her

For my 3rd son. I told myself that this is the last baby that I will have and I cant MISSED it again!! so, I don’t have any spare formulae nor bottle at ALL! I tried hard to feed him on the moment I am out from operation room and feed all night thru no matter how tire am I or how pain am I. When he has not enough milk, I will just gave water and continue to feed. The worse part here is, I had both nipple crack and cant feed him directly in day 4th and I pump it with machine but the milk in mix with blood. Fortunately, my milk flow came on day 3 night and I am having terrible engorgement and need help from nurse and baby to suck the whole night thru without sleep and my baby is too frustrated and bite me till I am bleeding. During this time, I am thinking of giving up and I bought one milk powder for him and feed him at day 4th. Fortunately with GOD help, the baby is having diarrhea and I brought him for doctor and doctor change to soya powder to solve his diarrhea and I am started felt guilty on this incident and decided to continue feed although is already crack. Each time he suck on my nipple, my tear is nearly drop due to pain but I told myself that this will pass and I have a very good supporter from previous MMPS team member which is my previous colleague Novia and Noor on consult me and encourage me via phone.

So, finally I am success now. I m able to pump out 6-7oz each 3 hours pump and 10-12 oz in the morning and midnight time. I am able to store 20-30oz per day even I am feed him directly and without using up my store milk. I have around two months milk store with me in my new freezer and is full now. I am so PROUD of myself and start giving testimony to my neighbor who just gave birth last month and another will arrive in coming August. Now, I am become a breastfeeding mother consultant and I am start feeding my second daughter with breast milk as well!!


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