It was never an easy job for mummy… Mummy can recall the moment when Baby Zheng arrived, it was really a blessing that he is a healthy and demanding baby. This is going to be a long story that starts from the failure mummy encountered when trying to breastfeed En En 3 years ago.

Lack of knowledge and support from family members is the major cause of mummy’s stress and depression to breastfeed successfully with En En. Mummy never knew breastfeeding is a demand and supply cycle until mummy met with a few successful breastfeeding mothers on an internet forum. The chance of becoming a blogger also widenedd up mummy’s network to get more information and tips from other mummy bloggers.

Mummy joined MMPS group through Facebook and attended the monthly meeting as much as possible. Lots of experience sharing moments reinforced mummy’s awareness about many different ways to handling problems that may occur during breastfeeding time.

On the first day when baby Zheng was delivered, he was passed to mummy immediately after wrapping to start suckling in order to stimulate breast milk production. Mummy was very proud and surprised that he did know how to suck! I never had this experience before with En En; because at that time I didn’t know that this is the first stimulation that is very important for establishing breastfeeding.
Mummy was worried baby won’t be sent to me every 2 hourly and thus mummy kept reminding nurses and the midwife to help in sending baby Zheng to breastfeed.

During the 3-days stay in the hospital, mummy was very alert in making sure baby Zheng is kept by my side most of the time. Baby Zheng is a nibble baby… he sucked for as short as 15 minutes to 3 hours… mummy was having a breastfeeding marathon with him on the first 2 days and nights. Some mothers told mummy normally babies will have 1-2 hourly interval of feeding but this is just an average as baby Zheng fed almost every half hourly! Different baby has different feeding pattern, mummy just has to observe and offer the breast even though it was so tiring.

Mummy went back to hometown with baby Zheng for confinement. By Day 3, the milk was already dripping like the tap water! Mummy was delighted as this means the milk is abundant. Luckily the confinement lady is experienced with breastfed babies as her daughter-in-law was a breastfeeding mother too. Mummy was able to learn how to identify baby’s poo during the early days from her.

Nipple pain – this is what mummy felt from Day 1 until Day 11!!! Definitely, this is a WARNING sign of baby’s latching on problem. During the first 3 days mummy thought it is normal if nipple feels pain as it will toughen up after baby sucks. Things went terribly wrong after 7 days as the pain was so severe till mummy felt scared and tensed whenever it’s feeding time. Baby Zheng nursed very frequently during the day but mummy was reluctant to offer both the breasts since they were cracked and bleeding. At that time, the confinement lady and Po Po also advised mummy to give bottle for the baby. Mummy insisted to pump and feed by spoon or cup with help from them. (Mummy got spare milk bottle, but Mummy hid it away!!)

Mummy fell sick twice during the first 2 weeks of confinement due to lack of proper rest. However, mummy was still very persistent yet was very sad when both nipples were bleeding and baby was screaming for suckle! Finally, mummy sms mothers from MMPS and went to see a lactation consultant in Penang immediately.

Now mummy knows that poor breastfeeding position led to baby’s improper latching on. Luckily with the help from Dr.Balkess, the lactation consultant, mummy was able to learn all over again on cradle-hold position and side-lying position to ease the back when feeding. Mummy was very surprised with the correction on feeding positioning and checking on baby’s lips (to be turned out like the mouth of a gold fish!) there’s no more pain!!!

Mummy had a log book to record how many times baby was fed, how many times baby pee and poo as well as how many cups of water intake for mummy per day. This is to ensure mummy have enough fluid throughout the day to avoid dehydration from breastfeeding. Baby had jaundice for over 2 weeks but fortunately didn’t need to admit to hospital. During this time, mummy kept on feeding baby on demand and monitoring very closely on baby’s daily output. Finally by the end of baby Zheng’s third week, the jaundice had disappeared.

Mummy believes breastmilk is the best for baby eventhough there were so many challenges and difficulties. It feels so rewarding to breastfeed my own baby!


From : Sharine Cheah, Malaysia

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