I am the mother of Nyaalan Sivakumar, whose name means the Illuminator. I am proud to say that at 5months plus he is Exclusively Breastfeeding and I will continue to feed him as long as possible.


Giving birth to him and breastfeeding him was a challenge at first. Although I was preparing to give birth naturally I had to eventually undergo a caesarean, this caused me pain in getting up and holding my son for feeding. It was a great challenge to breastfeed my son during the recovery stage.


Exclusively breastfeeding Nyaalan would not have been successful without the encouragement and support from my husband and sister. Mrs Vasumathi a friend from a mother support group called Mother-to-Mother-Peer-Support (MMPS) had been a great help and guided me during this difficult period. She still shares with me tips on breastfeeding or guides me to someone who can help me with my questions, and here I would like to take the opportunity to thank her.


I enjoy feeding my son who is growing well and each day the bond between us is also growing stronger. Each time I feed my son we have close eye contact and a sensual experience which I believe is a kind of language that only a MOTHER and CHILD can feel and understand. The key factor for my successful breastfeeding is my determination and perseverance to nurture a healthy and happy child. I feel that the real challenge for us mothers is in overcoming our own fear and misguided thinking on breastfeeding.  Oozing breast milk is a grace and blessing from GOD for the mother and child. We need to remember that nature will never fail us. As breastfeeding mothers we must ensure that breast milk – the great gift of nature – does not go to waste.


Dear mothers, I appeal to all of you, for the future benefit of your child please try your best to breastfeed them. God will bless all breastfeeding mothers.


From : Tamil Selvvi Sivakumar, Malaysia

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