Hooray!!! Our breastfeeding photo contest has finally come to an end.




Mother’s Name : Tan Hui Sze
Baby’s Name : Teoh Ern Min
Baby’s Date of Birth : 22/03/2008
Baby’s age when photo was taken : Week 7
The location when photo was taken : Our home


2nd PRIZE goes to…


Mother’s Name  : Jessie Lee Bee Hong
Baby’s Name : Khor Sze Lin
Baby’s Date of Birth : 17 Oct 2008
Baby’s age when photo was taken : 4 days old 
The location when photo was taken : ISLAND HOSPITAL’s feeding room8


3rd PRIZE goes to…


Mother’s Name – Lee Su Li
Baby’s Name – Rachel Lim Wen Hooi
Baby’s Date of Birth – Oct 27, 2007
Baby’s age when photo was taken – 1 year
The location when photo was taken – Home


 Top 10 winners:

Hui Sze & Ern Min
Jessie Lee & Sze Lin
Su Li & Rachel Lim
Mei Ling & Ee Huey
Leang Yen & Shih Jeat
Priscilla Chan & Joy-Anne Tan
Janice Loke & Zhi Ting
Inn Ching & Li Jhie
Ding Ding & Shi Yang
Connie & Yin Yue


Attractive Prize winners:

Su Gin & Ea Son
Li Zar & June-E
Ee Leng & Yu Han
Siew Har & Esther Teh
Zee Inn & Wei Zhe
Hsien Hui & Faith Lam 
Yi Lan & Chester Wong
Sharine Cheah & Yong Zheng  
Jeya & Divinaa


 Consolation Prize winners:

Novia Sofia & Nur Qistina Balqis
Su Sea & Zen Hao
Yoke Leng & Kar Yang
Len Heong & Xin Ru
Norshida & Anis Safiya
Siak Hong & Rui Han
Noor Aisah & Hadif Syahmi


Congratulations to all of you!!!

Email will be sent to all the winners within the next 48 hours. MMPS wishes a BIG THANK YOU for all your participations.

GONG XI FA CAI to all our Chinese members. May it be a happy & prosperous year to you. Most importantly, all babies & mommies are healthy healthy. 🙂 Cheers!